On Sept. 18th I purchased a 50% off coupon for the Gap($50.00 coupon for $25.00). When I found I had to wait 3-4 days for the email coupon I immediate requested a refund. I was responded to quickly and the charge hit on the 22nd and a credit was posted on the 23rd.

This was all good, but then on the 24th I received a call from Capital one due to unusual charges to this same card. They started on the 22nd and the Groupon charge appeared again, then there was a Pizza Hut charge, 2 Skype charges (15.00 ea), 2 Netflix charges and more. I do not use Skype phone and I am not a Netflix Memmber and have not been to a Pizza hut in 15 years. Then after the card was canceled on the 24th there was another email for Groupon saying they could not process my order due to the card being declined.

Groupon had a severe security breach or they have an untrustworthy employee in charge of confidential information.

Found At: – fraudulant credit card charges

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