This happened on habbo.com

Email address: [protected]@gmail.com
Habbo name: Moghadam
Date of incident: 24 august 2021

I recently got back on Habbo Hotel for about 1 week, in this 1 week i have been banned 4 times for extreme petty reasons, but this last ban i got was just incredible. I even got unbanned 1 day before this happened for a reason like this one because they acknowledged their extremely poor auto-ban system or whatever it is.

So what happened was: my friend and i were working on building his room, he asked me my opinion on the room he worked on, i literally said “nice room but i think you should remove this part” but for some reason the word “but” turned into “bobba” habbo’s censorship, so i tried typing the word in a different way about 3 times, and everytime it became “bobba” and then i just got a notification “You have been banned!” and i automatically logged out. Probably because it thought i ment to say “butt”… No i was clearly very very obviously not trying to.

Literally been playing this game for 1 week again, spent about 40 Euro’s on this game in 1 week, and then these things happen. I was literally scared to talk because i knew if i said anything that even resembles a “naughty” word i would get banned, and yes of course it happened on the word BUT.

As furious as i was i contacted the Habbo helpdesk immediately explaining exactly what happened. But as they are too sensitive they banned me permanently instead of actually helping me and understanding that their extremely poor auto-ban system is… you can understand.

What i would like is that they refund me all my payments or unban me.

Found At: Habbo – Banned for saying the word “but”

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