Handy.com / Handy Technologies

I wanted to rent an apartment but I was to busy and did not have time to clean it myself so I went online and found Handy. They seemed trustworthy so I decided to hire them. I booked a cleaning and on the estimated date no one showed up!
I contacted Handy and they said that my booking was cancelled, they did not explain anything. They never bothered to contact me and tell! Terrible! But that’s not the end of the story.
Recently they charged me twice for who knows what and no matter how hard I try they refuse to refund my money and claim they did not charge me! These people are real thieves, they did not keep their promises and they stole my money.
It is written on their website 100% money back guarantee but that is a lie! Avoid doing business with this criminal organisation!

Found At: Handy.com / Handy Technologies – Avoid at all costs!

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