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I ordered a set of HD Premium Ride Emulsion shocks (Number [protected]) for my ’07 Dyna Low Rider at Outpost Harley in Pueblo, CO on June 29, 2018. When I returned to the dealership on July 8th to inform them that I didn’t need the parts because I bought a different Harley, the parts rep told me that my order had not arrived yet anyway and they processed a refund.
On July 17th, I returned to the dealership to shop for a helmet. A parts reps said I needed to pay a re-stocking fee for the Premium Ride Emulsion shocks I had ordered on June 29th, but weren’t in the store yet. I informed the original sales rep on July 8th that I wanted to cancel the order, received a refund that day, yet the Parts department required me to pay a 20% restocking fee after my refund.
I’ve done business with this dealership for the last two years, spending more than $11, 000 over that time. This is the first time I was required to pay a re-stocking fee on any special orders I made that had not come into the store.
I don’t believe I should have to pay a re-stocking fee on a part that hasn’t even been delivered to the dealership yet. I can understand if they had already paid shipping and had to process the part into inventory, but a call to cancel the order should not have incurred a 20% re-stocking fee when it wasn’t even in their dealership yet.
Please look into this matter as I would like the re-stocking fee refunded. If a refund is provided, l would continue to frequent this dealership since I like some of the employees there. Otherwise, they’ve lost a valuable customer.

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