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We have had nothing but horrible service at the Harris Teeter deli in Cannon Crossroads in Concord, NC. We’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but time after time, we leave frustrated and disappointed. Typically, a wait time, even if you are the only person in line is 15 minutes before you’re acknowledged. Today, I was acknowledged within 5 minutes of standing in front of the deli. Two employees were helping another customer in front of me. When they finished serving him, I was asked what I would like, as was another customer. I asked for a pound of Harris Teeter American cheese, and the employee behind the counter just grimaced, looked at her co-worker, and he went into the back to grab the deli item he was going to cut for the other customer. The lady that was “serving me” asked the next customer in line what she could get him, and began to cut – leaving me in the dust, not knowing if I was going to be served or not. I took a precut package – paid double for a half pound than I would’ve a full pound and left. Absolutely horrible customer service, and unacceptable at best. I’ve already needed to stop using the drive up order service in the past year as every piece of produce would have to be returned for rotting. My husband has stopped using this deli altogether in the last few months, as the average time he’s spent order 2-3 items will cause 45 minutes in waiting.

Earlier this week, while in the self check out, I needed a customer service employee to scan a coupon that was attached to a grocery item. She needed an override, and when the team member was paged that could help, she arrived, and said she couldn’t help, and to “figure it out, because I’m in Fast Lane today”

Overall – the experience at this Harris Teeter is horrible if you need to interact with any employee. It is a shame as it’s a neighborhood grocery store, but I don’t feel this is worth the frustration that ensues in some format every single time I enter the store. I would further not recommend it to any friends or family.

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