Hearts Of Gold Retrievers

Susanne Richmond and her husband Leo have been falsifying AKC registration documents for many years now and putting extra puppy applications of pups that do not exist (being they claim more pups in litters that actually never existed so they can use them when needed) to dogs that do not have them or if the dogs have Limited Registration on them and are owned by somebody else. They have ruined the pedigrees with AKC on this lovely breed of the English Cream Golden Retrievers. They claimed to the IRS that last year that they made $30, 000.00 on puppy sales when they in fact made $130, 000.00 to claim as a loss in order to collect Food Stamps from our Government. They have also made comments to others about taking in foster children in the past to where the monies paid their house off and not used for the welfare of the children. They used a guy’s sire to claim as the sire to a dog named HeartsofGold Enya’s Romance AKC SR87722402, DOB 4.07.2015 and renamed her on the AKC papers HeartsofGold Stella’s Sugar ‘N Spice DOB 5.07.2015, AKC SR87833802. Microchip Number [protected]. Look at this http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=834044 and click on View Dog’s History at the bottom of the page. The dog Stella currently has puppies and AKC is NOT going to register the litter. So these people are doomed basically Sh out of Luck. We all have the documentation that we need on this lady and all the witnesses too that have all come together on this woman and her husband. They both belong in Jail. Ripping off the public. Scamming others, Scamming our Government, and the IRS too, plus who knows who else too. She has all her female dogs in foster homes and she takes the females out of their homes to the vet to get 2 shots so they come in heat and she breeds them one cycle after the other numerous times without skipping any heat cycles to get more puppies which makes her more money. She needs to be shut down literally, she is nothing but a PUPPY MILL and everybody needs to come together to make this happen. Everybody that has a dog from her needs to have their DNA checked with AKC to see who the parents actually are. They had the nerve to ask their account manager that they fired if she wanted to buy their kennel for $550, 000.00 but they had to live in it too with her the rest of their lives. What a funny HaHa! These people are a joke and are out to scam anybody that they are able to. Watch out, Susanne Richmond is seriously a wicked evil lady!

Found At: Hearts Of Gold Retrievers – scamming the public, f’ed up akc pedigrees, scamming the irs, & our government too breeder susanne richmond leo richmond [protected] or [protected]

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