To whom it may concern,

Today at 7:30 am I arrived at Hertz 460 Cypress Garden Blvd, Winter Haven FL for my rental reservation. Upon arriving the rental location was greeted by Terry the Sales Representative. About 30 -40 minutes had passed while others that came to the location after I was there. I waited until he had completed the transaction with the other customers. I provided my insurance id card, my debit card and my photo id. Terry asked for my SS # for debit card verifications. Very odd by I did provide the number. He authorized $295.00 for this transaction without first discussing that there would be a $200.00 deposit. I understand this is normal however without disclosing this information it could have been a major problem for someone else. I advised Terry that he really should advise the customer of this information and not just process it without authorization. At that point Terry brought out a vehicle that was not ready for rental. The vehicle was dirty and had obvious damage. Upon bring this to Terry’s attention he advised that he would wash the vehicle. This I understood and appreciated. Afterwards Terry appeared to take photos of the vehicle and asked me to sign for the rental. I had the rental agreement and photos sent to my email. [protected]@yahoo.com. Upon receiving the rental agreement, the photos are stock photos and not ones that were supposedly taken today. There is obvious damage to the entire vehicle and not noted on the rental agreement. I advised Terry of the damage and he stated this is normal wear and tear. I disagreed and asked for more photos to be taken and emailed to me. I also took video and photos while still at the location. I am extremely displeased with the service and the obvious misrepresentation of the current conditions of the vehicle. I work as a claims representative for a major insurance company that uses your services every day. I would not recommend anyone to use Hertz as their rental choice if this is the typical protocol and service level that would be expected.

I am currently still in the rental and will return the vehicle on Sunday and do not expect or believe that the damage to this vehicle with be associated to my rental of this vehicle. I will be glad to forward any photos or video to provide additional documentation of the prior damage to this rental.

My Rental Record # is [protected]
My direct phone number is [protected] should I not be available to take your call feel free to leave a contact number and name for me to return a phone call.

Extremely Disappointed from the beginning
Peter L. Brown

Found At: Hertz – prior damage – rental record # [protected]

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