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My family arrived to Ft. Myers right on time and found out name on the gold member board. We chose the only vehicle that was large enough to fit our four suitcases and went to check out. There was some scribble on the windshield about soon to be expiring license plate, but it was dated for April, which was beyond our rental dates.

When we arrived at the checkout gate, the woman there was incredibly rude about the note and said we were not allowed to drive the car. We asked why it was in the good lot in the first place and she didn’t answer. She was incredibly curt with us as we were asked to go back into the lot and choose a different car. We did this, ended up with a car that only fit our luggage if we held it on our laps, and proceeded to the checkout lane again. We chose a longer line in order to avoid the same person who was so rude.

It turns out that our rate was increased in that time and they could t change it at the gate so we had to go back into the lot. Now my husband is standing in a very long line trying to resolve it. Hopefully the customer service there is better.

In any case, we are incredibly disappointed that what could have been easily resolved with a simple apology was escalated. We hope that this is an anomaly and not something we should expect from Hertz.

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