Higher Balance Institute

Advertised on Facebook as the first step in finding enlightenment for only $5.00 US. I received my password and link to their site and my first two classes were there. The first was an almost two hour talk by the leader, while 4 other persons sat and listened and nodded. Nothing was taught, but many references were made to other courses that he assumed we had all already taken (con to buy more courses).

The 2nd chapter was shorter, and although given more examples of classes that we haden’t paid for or taken, we did learn how to breath (sort of, breath in through nose, then breath out ?). Then we were told how to turn down the lights and focus half way between us and a wall or object some feet away. Concentrate on the little dots we see. This second video then finished with a picture of thousands of dots, that when fully trained, we could probably see an alternate plain or world.

There were two or three free items given to us, and one was a series of three audio tapes for meditation. Of course they are free, because I have previously downloaded similar audios from free sites.

All in all, I would have received a much more enlightening experience buying a frappe at Starbucks. These guys should be banned from advertising on Facebook, and I will try to report them.

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Found At: Higher Balance Institute – behind the red curtain

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