HIUGE MISTAKE-I SHOPPED AT Hirsch’s Samsung store in Gateway, Umhlanga.

In nov I purchased a samsung fridge from hirsch’s samsung store.
They delivered the wrong model. When I contacted the salesman he insisted that the delivered model was the one that I had ordered and that I must pay more if I wanted the one I had actually ordered and paid for. Luckily I had sufficient proof of what I had ordered and paid for. When I asked for ceo details in order to escalate he offered me a floor model (idiot). When I insisted on escalating he reluctantly agreed to supply the one I had originally purchased. The correct model was delivered a week later. However the ice maker would not work. Samsung technicians eventually attended and confirmed that the filter was faulty. They stated that I needed to contact the store who were responsible for replacing the filter. I contacted the store and sent proof of the samsung technicians attendance. The salesman timothy listen insisted that I needed to purchase a new filter at a cost of r899? Really? I should pay for a supplied brand new samsung faulty water filter? I reminded him of the provisions of the cpa and asked for the necessary details in order to escalate. He has refused to communicate further.

Absolute arrogance and incompetence and disgusting behaviour by hirsch’s all round.
I will have to call out a plumbed again to install a new filter. Will I have to pay for the plumber a second time round because hirsch’s supplied me a faulty filter?

Found At: Hirsch’s – Samsung fridge

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