Hobby Lobby Stores

I went in to grab a few things. While I’m checking out, I ended up having to wait behind someone exchanging an item. No problem. The manager comes and tells me to go to another register due it taking some time. I say ok and move over to another one. While this cashier was absolutely amazing, I ended up having to wait another 10 minutes to check out because he was new. Also, no problem. The problem I do have, is that TWO managers were over there laughing and giggling and another cashier who saw that I was waiting on line for at least 20 minutes now, did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this gentleman out while he was struggling to work the register and did not help get me out of line any faster. Very disappointed with Hobby Lobby after this visit.

Found At: Hobby Lobby Stores 2357 David H McLeod Boulevard, Florence, 40 Complaints and Reviews – ComplaintsBoard.com

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