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Last Sunday, I purchased some fencing materials and was overcharged $400.00 by the cashier. I immediately called this to the cashier’s attention and she sent me to the customer service counter to get it fixed. After waiting for about 30 minutes (the return line was out the door) I asked the assistant manager for help. He informed me that they would have to refund me in cash. I told him that I needed that $400.00 in my account and my work hours do not allow me to get to the bank on weekdays. I asked him to please credit it back to my account. He told me to take the cash to an ATM. He didn’t seem to concerned about my outstanding checks and the possibility of one of them bouncing. The cashier made a simple mistake. No problem. Home Depot refused to fix it and didn’t even offer any sympathy or apologies. Not even a coupon or some token of their appreciation of my business. They CAN credit a debit transaction, they just REFUSE to for some unknown reason. I had already spent at least an hour in the store looking for things that they were out of and eventually having to settle for substitute materials. Much of that time was spent playing hide and seek with the “experts” (they are VERY good at that game). Then I got to spend a half hour in the return line with Home Depot holding my $400.00 hostage to finally be told to take my cash and go stuff it in an ATM. I used to love Home Depot and would very rarely shop elsewhere. I completely remodeled my last house with materials from HD. If anyone from HD is reading this, you should take note that your declining product selection, ridiculous refund policy and your habit of understaffing your stores have been pissing off your customers for some time. However, this assistant manager and his uncaring attitude adds insult to injury. I’m probably wasting my time though, I’m just an average Joe who only spends $10k a year at HD. SAVE MORE. GET MORE DONE? Neither in my case! LOWE’s is the way to go from now on.

Found At: Home Depot – was overcharged $400.00 by the cashier

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