Home Warranty of America [HWA]

On 5-31-18 I contacted HWA about my AC unit not working and was informed to find my own HVAC service provider that they have no one available. I had my AC unit serviced and HWA wanted to talk to the service technician, HWA had him on hold for 45 minutes and he could not wait any longer seeing that we had excessive heat and he had many service calls. My wife remained on the phone for an extra 25 minutes before anyone returned on the line. She explained he had to leave so HWA asked for a copy of the invoice which was provided. Now I’m getting the run around HWA saying I have to have the technician contact them. I did everything HWA asked and they are still not paying my claim. I also called HWA many times and was told I would be contacted within 24 hours and that never happened.

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