Homestead Technologies

I have made NUMEROUS attempted to get this company to call me regarding a service issue I have been getting for weeks now. When I call all I get is the ‘run-a-round’ saying a supervisor is not available and that one will call me back. Well one finally does (Michael) two days later and simply says ‘John this is Michael at Homestead returning your call’. No return phone number to contact him at so I have to call back into support and well, you guessed it, he is not available so I have to leave another message.

I have opened numerous support tickets to which NONE have been properly answered or addressed my concerns. I finally tracked the CEO (Justin Kitch) down and emailed him to which it took over a week to get a reply. He basically gave me the run-a-round to telling me he would have someone call me. Well a week has gone by and no call.

If you’re looking for a good web host, it is NOT Homestead! Stay away from these A**holes. They are liars and cheaters.

Found At: Homestead Technologies – Fraud and scam

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