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My name is Diemthuy Tran. My account number with HFS is [protected]. Today, my friend, Truc Nguyen account number is [protected] asked me to call HFS [protected]) for her about her Honda Civic 2018 because she cannot speak English. Her question is that she paid off her car loan in April 13, 2020, but in April 16, 2020, HKS automatic system still withdraw $427.15 out from her bank. She would like to know when HFS can refund her $427.15. I called HFS around 1:30pm. Because of Civid19, so my friend, Truc Nguyen, was not with me when I made a phone call regarding her account. She sent me all her information so that I could represent her to talk to HFS customer service Agent. The first Agent that I talked to said his name was Raymond (I might spell his name wrong because he denied to spell his name for me when I asked at the end of our conversation.) The conversation between Raymond and I went well at first when he said he will request a Vietnamese Agent to call my friend back, but he did not know when this agent will be available. Then I asked him, “When her extra payment can be refund to her, and Is that anymore payment will be withdrawn in May out form my friend’s bank?” He said, “I cannot give you any information about Truc Nguyen’s account since your name is not on her account. I tried to explain to him that because of covid 19 so my friend cannot be next to me, she is worry ing about her money. He should do something to take my friend’s worry away. At this time, my friend was worrying about her money. He said he cannot help me. Then I asked him, “Can you spell your name, so that if nothing happened like you said, I still can notified HFS that I already talked to you about her case.”He denied to spell his name with a reason that my name is not on the account with a very rude voice. Then I asked him to put me to talk with his manager. He said, “No” and denied to transfer me. I hung up and call HFS back. Now I called HFS because I want to file a complaint about Raymond. At this time, I talked to another HFS agent. His name is Jonathan. He also talked rude to me when I told him the reason why I called and tell him to transfer me to his manager. He said he would like to know the problem and at the end he stood for Raymond and did not transfer me to the manager. There was a moment that Jonathan cut me off while I was talking to him. What is going on here at HFS? I felt very bad and disappointed about unprofessional of these agents. They were acting rude and tried to protect each other from being complaint because of their bad customer service skills. Because of their unprofessional service skills, they are ruin Honda Financial Services company’s name. My question for HFS is that you hired these people to provide your customer’s need and concerns in a professional way, or you hired these agents to being rude and unprofessional way?

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