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When I purchased my Honda Odyssey van from Honda Mall of Georgia I was unaware and not told by the dealership salesperson that the van had a service extension that had been put on all Odyssey vans due to a class action lawsuit concerning piston rings that could align and cause problems with the spark plugs. The repair quote is $3, 400. I contacted the dealership and they said contact corporate Honda. I contacted corporate Honda and they said you were out of the service extension (expired in 2019) so I should go back to the dealership. Classic evasion technique. If it was a typical repair (timing belt, adjusting valves… etc.) needed for a van I would understand. But, corporate Honda and Mall of Georgia Honda mentioning nothing I can only feel I have been lied to by the dealership for withholding information that could have impacted my decision to purchase the van in the first place. I love Honda cars. This was my family’s third minivan from them and I bought my two oldest children Civics to drive. After 20 years of purchasing Honda cars I feel I have not been treated fairly and that the decision to not tell customers about the potential time bomb repair was merely a financial decision and not one that at least attempted to balance the needs of the company and a 20 year Honda customer. Unfortunately, it appears this is my last Honda and I will be looking for other vehicles for my youngest children to drive.

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