On August 13 I sent a deposit of $200 for a Golden Retriever puppy, with the balance of $700 due at time of pick-up. The supposed owner of the puppy sent me a contract, which we both signed and I returned it to her. We had numerous text message exchanges and also spoke on the phone. Arrangements we made for me to pick up the puppy on 8/19. I drove 3 hours, only to arrive at a home that did not have any puppies. The owner of the home, who is an Attorney informed me that I was the 6th person who showed up at her house to pick up a puppy. One person paid the full $900. I called the police and a report was filed. The homeowner also filed a report. I was devastated. No only was I scammed for $200, but I had to drive 3 hours home without a puppy. The supposed seller is Morgan Waterman. Phone number is [protected]. I tried calling, but number was disconnected. On 8/20 I got back on your website and to my shock, Morgan has placed another add. I have a friend that is currently corresponding with her trying to get information. Morgan blocked my phone number. I filed a fraud report with my bank, and found out Morgan, or whatever her name is banks at Wells Fargo. This person is a scammer and is playing with people’s emotions and their money.
This is her current add:

Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies around! – $900
We have a beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies. They are absolutely the sweetest! Mom is on site, dad is a neighbor’s dog. The puppies will…

member: lablover14
from: Orlando, Florida
member for: 6 months
listing updated: 17 hours ago

This person needs to be arrested, people she scammed need to have their money returned. She should be blocked from posting any adds on your site.

Unfortunately there are very cruel people who take advantage of peoples emotions and steal their money. I wonder how long she has been doing this and how much money she has stolen from people.

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Found At: Hoobly – Item not received

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