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1.booked a trip in June for my important long weekend next year – received confirmation (dates etc in attachment).
2. Got a call from the agents on 28.11.20 asking why I had not replied to emails saying my booking was cancelled as they no longer represented the house. Over an hour back and forth as I had received no such email, I was given number to call direct. told me to avoid refund “let’s get this sorted, we will assist you in finding in alternative accommodation” apologised, sounded genuine.
3. Further hour plus conversation, eventually put through to Madison after wo assured me of same – Result: – Madison who promised to sort the issue. Given choice outside due to the bad customer service. Told to choose directly. Called and confirmed choice, told she was having issues paying and they were at other end. Result: – madison was calling back shortly.
4. No call or email or any form of contact for weeks, I called again, spoke to someone had to go from start due to inadequate notes from Madison and had to choose again. Result:-: After nearly 2 hours – chose 2 properties was assured they would sort asap and book and let me know. I asked to be cc’d this did not happen.
5. Received a separate – not using thread, email saying they had sent the email I waited for call back. RESULT: No call back, no email, no voicemail or booking confirmation

CONCLUSION: Not at all impressed. All agents all talk and no action. Sound very reassuring, I am now changing that to patronising to get rid as I have been assured each time this will be sorted on the day of the call or at the latest he next day.

Dates are mid July, there is a large golf event hence my early booking for my dates (15-18 July 2021) I am going to a wedding which I am an integral part hence July booking and need to conclude this, we will be there for 3 days a small hotel room will not suffice. We have to be close I have specified this in every phone call. It is our wedding anniversary I would like this concluded so that I stop stressing out the bride by telling her it is sorted when it is not.

I tried to attach the email thread but it would not allow pdf email me on – marilyn.[protected] – and I will supply this

Desired outcome:
To be contacted via email, check the properties they chosen are available, if not pick others similar, based on my criteria, book them and pay for them as promised. Do what customer services have been promising to do.

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