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I would like to complaint about the bad customer service i have recieved from the area manager Mrs Naomi Kruger, who puts the phone down im ny face while i am trying to explain my situation to her. She was very disrespectfull when she spoke with me and the maner she spoke was very degrading as if i am stupid. The Brange manager Eugene on N1 City House and home does not know how a contract work as he have told me time and time again. He canot explain to a customer what will happen when you cancel an excisting contract as he does not know. I have problems now that i expect of them to resolve if they would have done there jobs properly and not scam customers into geting more money out of them. I am very unhappy about this as i want to pay my account but even the people at Rainbow finance are unable to assist me, as i have to speak with a manager that is incompotant. Mrs Kruger is no different as what she did to me today is a direct reflection of how her staff treat there customers. I anm discusted with theis store and would not recommend any body to buy there again.

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