House of CB

If you plan on returning anything to houseofcb good luck as they do not follow the basic laws stated in the consumer rights act!

Do not purchase their tahnia dress. The crystals on it constantly catch on itself leaving totally embarrassing pulls and threads all over the dress after wearing it for only a few hours to dinner! I tried to return this dress to them asking for a refund or store credit, I would have been happy to take a different style dress as in the past I have been perfectly happy with the brand. However they declined my request and sent me a replacement dress. I then explained to them that I refuse to pay £199 for a dress that is clearly unfit for purpose and that it is actually my legal right under the consumer rights act to a refund. After also explaining and sending proof that a friend of mine purchased the same dress with the same issue and received a credit note, they continued to decline my request due to “management refusal”!

Their inexperienced customer service team sent me this unacceptable reply, therefore leaving me with no choice but to take them to the consumer ombudsman and file a claim with the small claims court:

“hi isabella,

Thanks for your email. I am sorry we aren’t able to fulfill your request this time. However, I am afraid that our management remains firm in their decision.
If you have further questions, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Kind regards,

Found At: House of CB – refused to give me a refund for a faulty item even though it is actually my legal right

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