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I’m wondering why you changed the onion rings from the tasty crunchy crumb coated one to the disgusting chewy battered one there is now they are the worst the one and only time I’ve had them you try to bite a bit off and all that foul batter comes off in one piece they’re floppy and soggy and just all round revolting. Nobody I know likes them yet everyone liked the original ones Every time I go into my local hungry jacks I ask the girl or boy that serves me when are the nice onion rings gonna be back and without fail the servo will agree that the battered ones are gross and that they’ve had lots of complaints as nobody likes them, so what’s the deal? Bring back the yummy crunchy crumb coated ones because I have to ask are you people batshit crazy? You must have made more money with the original ones so why fix wot ain’t broken because it was no fix THE BATTERED ONES ARE REPULSIVE

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