Hydro One Networks

Last year Hydro One came to our house (still living with my parents) and they came to change the house to one of those smart meters. I was using my apple ibook (Yeah I had it for a bit over 3 years) when the power goes out. It comes back on, same thing happens, and it does this one last time. I turn my laptop on and black screen, I try it again and I get a blue screen with a file folder in the middle with the mac icon and question mark going back and forth (searching for the os, and later found out it was because of the motherboard was gone basically)

We were informed with the hydro bill that a smart meter would be installed, and the person that was coming to install it would knock on the door first, which never happened. And no, I didn’t have a power bar with my laptop plugged into it, which is why Quelmec rejected my claim twice, mention about unsuspected spikes, etc in hydro. But We never knew about it(My dad heard noises outside and we found out this way) But it really isn’t a matter of the not using a power bar I believe, it’s the matter of fact that we were told that we would get a knock on the door, so we could turn the computer off etc, which never happened. There wouldn’t have been a spike if Hydro One acted properly

Found At: Hydro One Networks – Electronic Damage

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