This company offers a free trial for 12.95 they ship the product and tell you that you can cancel at anytime, it is not true. They continue to charge your account even after you contact them to cancel. I had to cancel my credit card and order a new one just to stop their activity.

They will not give you a written confirmation of cancellation and their replies are basically unintelligible. One email from a customer rep says “u was charged”. Excuse me, my 2 year old grandson can do better than that.

I did some research online at stop rip offs and find many complaints form others about the exact same practices. I wish I had seen those before I ordered. Silly me..I actually believed they were a real company offering a real product trial.

I hope this helps someone else to think before they “try”.

Found At: Hydroxatone – company charges and claims to be free trial…cancel at any time

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