My 2016 Sonata (VIN: SNPE34AB9GH320502) Del. Date: 14 Mar 2016 has been using oil at a high rate since December of 2020. I have gone through several oil consumption tests under case #[protected]. Car has gone through the Dow Clean Out Procedure and car is still using too much oil – at least 2 quarts within a thousand miles. (Note: Case # listed above is also under case # [protected]) since original case manager & company has been replaced. So far as of this writing I have no new case manager that was promised by Hyundai America three weeks ago. My complaint is the dealers technician doing the oil consumption test. I checked oil before the 1st oil consumption test post Dow cleaning procedure because oil indicator light came on & I was afraid I would run out of oil . When I checked oil, I found oil dip stick showed 1-1/2 quart oil down. Tech 2 days later said oil was full. After this 1st result, I checked oil dip stick and found that oil was actually over full. Therefore tech added oil after stating oil was full. I just got done with 2nd post Dow procedure (6-16-21) at Elyria Hyundai. Technician reports that dip stick showed only 1/2 quart down. This is not the case. I dispute this finding. Oil indicator light came on on 6-13-21, so I checked oil and found the dip stick showing oil down at least 2 quarts. Dealer has sealed both dip stick and oil port which is okay with me but I’m going to personally witness his next oil consumption testing. No more waiting in dealer showroom ! (Please note: I know how to read a dip stick. I was a motor officer in the Army and went to Motor Maintenance School and also advanced Motor Inspection School. I have personally inspected more than two thousand vehicles both gas engine and diesel.

Found At: Hyundai – Oil consumption and questionable oil consumption testing

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