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I signed up online with the Elizabeth Jackson eBay business and found out they SOLD contact information to Fortune Learning Systems which contacted me in a few days. The sales “Closers” are very swift talking and tell you your investment is in your company, NO MONEY TO THEM, they only want to use your testimonial as a “Success Story”. I made a huge mistake believing them but made every attempt to make and build a business-per their instruction. I was told they would provide everything necessary for the initial payment (which was ALOT). This was to include my website, coaching, marketing, etc. and that I would be making Thousands by the time my coaching sessions were completed! All along the process I was being charged additional amounts for services which I now find out were not included in the original agreement. Believe me, you will not make money with these companies. I was told I only needed 10-15 hours a week to work but I worked 50-70 per week and found it impossible -They are not there to help you SUCCEED! They also give your name to BDD and WholesaleMatch.com which are all affiliates and some are owned by the same person. You are told you need their services to make your business a success. And of course, you have to pay them a lot more money and they do not provide services which will be of value to you or your company. If you complain, they say you are not putting forth enough effort! This is a money racket…so please beware and don’t sign up for their services. It is very hard to make money from these companies instructions and they will not follow through on their Verbal Promises and what was expected. They charge different amounts to different people based on how much credit you have available. I have invested several thousand dollars with ICI/FLS, BDD & WholesaleMatch.com and in the end had no income from the services-only a load of debt. When you file a complaint and request a refund, with the resolutions dept. they are very insulting —if you even receive a response. But the ones I have talked to are now willing to continue with the services they failed to provide originally. No Way! I have not heard from all of the companies involved but will continue to file complaints and e-mails until these people refund my money. I hope they are all legally fined, put out business and not allowed to re-open under a new name! Beware of all telephone solicitations…most are deceitful!

Found At: Ici / Fortune Learning Systems, Bdd & Wholesale Match.com – Deceptive Sales & Failure to provide services

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