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We built a large storage building with a 20′ x 14′ overhead door on each end. We were warned by other contractors of the poor quality and service of the Ideal Garage Door Company, but we were lured in by the sale prices offered by Menard’s. What a HUGE MISTAKE that was! Between the inept staff at the Bismarck Menard’s store and your help desk, packaging and mailing staff, it has been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE for the past 3 weeks! Our building is 64 miles from the Menard’s store in Bismarck and we had to pull our 24 foot trailer to Bismarck on three separate days to get our complete order. This was the fault of the receiving manager at Menard’s, who does not have any organization skills whatsoever! In addition to Menard’s, the people at Ideal Door Co did not complete our order. After the three trips to Menard’s, it was discovered that we were missing additional hardware never packaged with the original order. We could not complete any of the two doors as we were missing the screws and brackets that were supposed to be included in the shipment. We were told over the phone by the Ideal Co. They could not send the missing hardware to our address. We had to make another trip to Bismarck once the hardware arrived at the store. This took an additional two weeks and three more trips before the hardware arrived by mail to our address. That would have solved everything, except that the envelope that was to hold the screws was opened and all contents was gone. This caused us another trip to Bismarck and pleading with the Menard’s staff, we were given enough screws to complete the installation of the doors. Installation was also a nightmare! After many attempts to assemble the doors based on the poor, terrible instructions, we discovered over the phone with Ideal Door Co., we had the wrong installation manual for the doors we purchased! We will certainly not ever buy from Ideal Door Co. again and we will spread the word of the Company’s terrible business practices!

Found At: Ideal Door – Garage Doors; Customer Service

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