IES Electrical and Gehan Homes - gehan homes has a contract with ies

The process: the customer has a two day appointment at the Gehan Design Studio with a designer and an IES Residential representative. My appointment was scheduled for 15 June 2017 with my designer Ms. Andee McEntire from 1 to 4 pm and with the IES representative Kim from 4pm to 5 pm. The IES representative provides the client an obvious not true to scale map where the customer tells the representative where the client want certain electrical item placed. I told the IES representative I wanted my floor plugs placed in an “L” type setup a plug on each end of the sofa not the middle of the floor and across from each other. Kim marked the spots on the ridiculous small scaled map but assured me several times the plugs would be installed correctly. I returned on the 19th of June for my 8:30am to 11:30am appointment to finalize my choices with Ms McEntire who I also gave a diagram of the placement of my surround sound in my media room. I told her that am not sure that the map Kim used to mark my floor plugs actually show they should be in an L shape. Ms McEntire assured me that she would remind Kim. Kim hadn’t arrived so I left the copy of that electrical floor plan with Ms McEntire. The next time I see anything dealing with the floor plugs the foundation had been poured! Yes I did ask my sales consultant and the construction manger if these are my floor plugs why are they so close to the fire place and one looks like it’s in the middle of the floor! I was told that it would be straightened out. Now you can’t tell me that IES manager didn’t think to question the placement of those floor plugs for goodness sake they suppose to be the experts. Suffice to say Kim either didn’t get the message or she did and tried to make the correction and her bosses weren’t listening! Call me naive but I honestly thought IES would correct the error (I complained enough about it to the construction manager throughout the building process) . So how does Gehan and IES handle it, they placed the blame on the customer and ironically they have the copy of floor plan I gave to Ms McEntire who was to discuss the issue with the IES representative. So I guess it’s my word against Gehan and IES but being a veteran I unfortunately believed they would make it right. So today via text I learnt Scott the construction manager boss final word on the issue was that “IES asked Gehan to pay for 1/2 half but Gehan said IES gave you exactly what you signed for at the design studio and we have the floor layout within a couple inches. My boss said IES sold you and installed the floor plugs where mentioned”.

So Mr. Scott aka area manager and IES don’t get it twisted I love my Gehan Home but believe me by the time I finish sharing my experiences with other Veterans that maybe considering buying or building a Gehan home I definitely will inform them that if IES is providing the electrical work and something goes wrong neither will acknowledge that it could possible be their mistake. The customer service these two professionals seem to pride themselves on really doesn’t exist. The only thing am at fought at is believing that I could straightening out my situation by talking with the people who suppose to be professionals from beginning to end. By the way when I closed on my home I foolishly believe that IES would fixed the issue because I thought the Gehan construction manager was still working the issue so I didn’t think it was necessary to hold up my closing, guess I was dead wrong. The construction manager can only do so much so it boils down to Gehen and IES not giving a hoot about their customers rather it’s a large issue or small issue it’s all about money . Oh I even e-mail IES on 17 Aug 2018 and I know Michelle Gilbert and JoAnn Marquez received and read my issue yet neither as of 13 September has reached out and I left a voice mail message for Ms Gilbert about 2ish and all I’ve gotten is crickets! All I want is my floor plugs corrected why are they making it so difficult.

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