Illicit Encounters

This website gives the impression that they charge a big membership fee (£119 for one months membership for men) because they have a large number of married women on their website who are looking for illicit affairs outside of their marriage. Unfortunately, once you have joined, you discover that it’s just like any other dating website. Full of hoaxers and rip-off merchants. The problem is, the website awards gold membership to female members free of charge. This leaves their whole system open to massive abuse. They claim to have a lot of traffic on their website, but most of this comes from the guys who have paid their £119 and a much smaller amount from the hoaxers and cheats who have got onto the website free of charge and are pretending to be the the married women seeking an illicit affair. My advice to any guy thinking of joining is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Found At: Illicit Encounters – Online scam

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