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Please get rid of the tiny zip lock pouch now being used for JPS 25 gram rolling tobacco packaging, it is awful.

Because the tobacco is jammed so tightly into a tiny package it crumbles to dust far quicker.

Features of the old packaging were:

– it can’t be reused again for black market tobacco,

– because it was loose it seemed like there was more (yay!) and didn’t crumble so much,

– it was GREAT brand differentiation, now it looks like all the rest.

What I like about JPS is that it cured/dried for the perfect smoke. Most of the other brands have wet tobacco inside their pouches so it’s hard to smoke, probably to add weight so they sell less for 25 grams. Well I just don’t buy their wet rip off tobacco because I can’t light it up and smoke it easily. Wet tobacco makes me cough and feels heavy on the chest – disgusting!

JPS is one of the few unflavoured tobacco brands which is excellent.

Keep up the good quality tobacco, but please, please, PLEASE go back to the old packaging, you’re losing fans. If the new under sized zip lock packaging continues with its compressed tobacco I will be looking for another brand to buy and it won’t be from Imperial. Sorry guys.

Found At: Imperial Tobacco Australia – JPS John Player Special rolling tobacco

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