In-N-Out Burger

Please don’t eat at IN-N-OUT BURGER until they treat their workers safely and don’t fire them for telling the truth. In-N-Out Burger fights and fires employees for complying with OSHA laws. I have documentation of violations of OSHA laws they were violating that my husband complained about. Then suddenly a few days after receiving a extraordinary review they fired him. EDD in California found the reason they stated “In-N-Out Burger failed to prove that claimant (my husband) had committed misconduct. Accordingly, the claimant (my husband) was discharged for reasons other then misconduct”!
This was THE ONLY reason In-N-Out Burger claimed my husband did wrong and now EDD in the state of California told them they found no proof that my husband did any misconduct. It clearly shows In-N-Out Burger retaliated and fired my husband for blowing the whistle to OSHA about the blatant violations and for going to a doctor for help for his lungs.

Found At: In-N-Out Burger – wrongful termination

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