Infirmary Health

I went to the Emergency Room with Severe chest pains, ache in both arms, and jaw pain. I have had a heat attack before so I had enough signs to warrant my need to. go and be checked by a Doctor. I was greeted and received my triage relatively quick. I was given an EKG and had blood work drawn and then asked to go and sit in the waiting room. During a 3 1/2 hour period I had several issues with chest pain/pressure and asked repeatedly for help and was told to wait. I even said I was going to take my own nitroglycerin to see if it would help ease the symptoms I was experiencing. I was in quite a panic. They told me it would be best if I didn’t and to wait. Now I am not a nurse or doctor but I know enough to advocate for myself and to know the procedures in following protocol for possible heart attacks. Let me say that not a single one was done. I was not checked on one single time even though I asked for help. Finally when I did get called to the back and a nurse named Adi came in, I questioned some things out of concern as I was a little upset and scared. Yes, I did question why and what for to the things she was suggesting. Yes, I was upset. THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID TO ME AND I QUOTE “IM SO SORRY YOU DIDNT GET A ROOM BUT THERE IS A DEAD KID DOWN THE HALL” in the most rude and snippy way. She said it in the most awful, ugly, and [censored]y way that I immediately starting crying because it was so upsetting. I didn’t ask the questions thinking I should ever have precedence over a child that had just passed, I am a mother of 5 children. It was horrible. After that I just shut down. I let her know that what she just did was so uncalled for and out of line. Trust me when I say she knows she messed up. She apologized for being a [censored]. She used those words. By then I was crying and beside myself. Doctor came in and did the usual, he was ok. I couldn’t get settled and stop crying and I just left AMA! The whole experience was absolutely horrible! I would rather travel 45 min across the bay than have to deal with the way they are treating patients. I understand that they are overworked due to Covid, but that is no excuse in taking it out on patients who are scared. I rather they fake concern than to go at a patient and try to make them feel bad by saying “dead kid”! I wasn’t the only patient who left either. I do have empathy for their job and what they must handle in a daily basis, I couldn’t imagine. But they also knew stresses came with the territory and that keeping their cool is necessary. I just pray that no one else has to endure what I did!

Found At: Infirmary Health – ER/ED department and Nurse

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