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I bought a Intex pool at the end of last summer and never put it up till now. We had a heck of time getting the ground level. Finally did that and filled it up and I noticed it was really wet on the on side at a small area. We haven’t been in it yet even! I looked inside the pool and where I think it is leaking is where it is stitched wrong! I’m not wasting all that water it is probably 75.00 worth.I need some resolution on this! I was getting ready to go out and buy a vacume so to vacume out the little dirt that is on the bottom. The pool cost a little over 100 dollars. Is there a way to patch this without letting all the water out? I need some answers immediately!I went through too much trouble to put this pool up! Please have someone get back to me as soon as possible! Thanks

Found At: Intex Recreation – Never used pool is leaking after fill-up

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