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I am being harassed by management because I refuse to have room service. So she conduct a property check. She came in my room then accused me of having more people in my room. Then when I confront her about her actions and I wanted to speak with corporate about the issue at first she didn’t want to give me the number. Then later give it to me. A few weeks pass I had guest over which was just my niece she called me the next day after 2pm and told me I had to upgrade to another room. In which I stated that was my niece visiting me so instead of debating I upgraded because the general manager has been gone for almost a month now. When I upgrade to the next room they came by the room I was moving from to tell me I have until 6am to clear it when I already paid for that room in full until the next day… Now I have only been in my room 4 days so I didn’t need services yet again here comes another property check by the same manager.. I think this is bogus… there is other people surrounding me where you can smell drugs by passing their door way but I’m being harassed for doing nothing but living life…

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