I installed this device on april 20, was supposed to have it for 5 months. Intoxalock was unprofessional and of no help from the get go. They told me that I had 60days to turn in paperwork to dmv, they referred me to a car radio place called paradyme to get the device installed. Now after paying intoxalock, I had to pay the car audio place for installation. Intoxalock sent in paperwork full of mistakes which dmv denied, I had to contact intoxalock to rectify the zip code error, then I go to dmv, they send me back, paperwork had mistake, vin number was wrong, had to go back to paradyme again, by the time I was ready to turn paperwork in, (lease was from april 20 to sept 20) it was june 20, dmv accepted my paperwork but my lease was made to begin june 20 to nov 21, I had been paying mind you. Now I had to call intoxalock and see if they could help me, no help… I had to redo anoth lease and pay extra money. Nightmare now comes trying to get this thing out. First they tried to get an extra $35 for expedited shipping, then another rep told me since my lease ends nov 20, I will have to pay for nov 20 to dec 20th. I had paid all my fees and will have to pay $40 to get device removed. Why is intoxalock allowed to scam the people? I just want to get their god damned device out and quit paying money that I don’t have.

Found At: Intoxalock – closing fees

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