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We were fraudulently charged by this company. Our Bank of America credit card statements showed the name IP Health Plan and the phone number [protected] for a charge of $19.95. We were getting billed this amount every month. After calling Bank of America we were told there was no way for them to stop the charges and that we’d have to contact this company ourselves. When we called the this IP Health Plan phone number they had no record of us to cancel anything. We went round the houses with BofA for months and months, they were unable to stop these scam charges. We had to dispute every one. They are completely unable to prevent merchants from making fraudulent charges! Their fraud protection guarantee is a joke!

It turns out that this is an offer through Bank of America (for which we did not subscribe). It is a scam, and there is nothing Bank of America can do about it. We’ve now canceled our card, hopefully this will work.

We have clear proof that BofA’s fraud protection is bogus, and they tolerate this scam from IPHealthPlan.

Found At: IP Health Plan – Fraudulent Monthly Charges

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