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WARNING! Irena Graham who does business under the name “Irenas Pomeranians” Do not buy puppies from this crazy woman. She is selling puppies that are ill or have very multiple problems. Her website looks convincing but her dogs are not socialized. When i was in her home there was about 800 dogs and 50 cats. The home the pets live in is terrible. It reeks of animal urine. Dog terds and there’s was cat ### all over the house.The yard is not safe for pets. If you want to buy sick puppy’s and get the run around when trying to get your money back. Then Irena Graham is the person to go to. Do not buy a dog from this breeder. She is dishonest and does not stand behind her puppies health. Her dogs are left to live outside in a filthy kennel and the puppy you get will be a abused dog, Not socialized. We got a puppy from her and when we got her home and to our vet discovered it had to many health problems which proves to me these dogs are neglected. The dog was scared to death. and you’ll get a sick puppy that you’ll have to put down, She’ll refuse to give you your money back, she states all she has to do is replace the puppy, and when she does replace it she’ll replace it with an even sicker puppy. we had to put him down, after having him for only 2 weeks because of congenital ( from birth) problems. The 2nd pic is our second pup we only had 24 hrs before having to bring him to an Emergency room. (The replacement pup.) yep, that’s the poor little guy puking up poor blood. She gave us a pup with full blown Parvovirus Aids! What a nice woman. She states in hers adds that her pups come from champion blood lines. Yeah as you can see the blood lines coming right out of the pups mouth every time he pukes blood. I would like a refund, and she agreed. I contacted her several times, but to no responses. I can’t believe someone could be such a bad person. I sent her emails, called numerous times, but to no response. I want to make sure that no one ever uses Irenas Pomeranians ever again! She doesn’t care about the breed or the people that she sells her sick puppies to. Irena Graham is a liar, and a scammer. She is an unethical and irresponsible breeder.

Found At: Irenas Pomeranians – Dead Dog and no refund!!

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