Oscar Vermaak - building insurance claim

I have used itchycats before, and it is okay, i mean it is way to expensive, I have no idea why anyone would pay for that when you can get everything that you can get on there at a free torrent website… kickasstorrents.com… piratebay.org..and so on, just make sure you use peerblock and you will be all good. Do not waiste your money with itchycats.

On the other hand this billdenim D., that has commented on all the reviews dissing itchycats for fraud obviously works for the company, even if it is someone else who took your credit card information, it is to many times that itchycats have had fraud put with there name, accepting a credit card from someone with someone else having an account there already is still fraud..they are a dirty company. Please don’t waste your money with these people.

Found At: Itchycats.com – Don’t waste your money with these people

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