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I need my money back. As I felt your treatment is just a honey trap nothing more than that. I been to your Thane west branch.

Very 1st day I was treated like very important and cared too much. They forced me to pay all treatment cost together, though I was suggested 3 months treatment. I asked for EMI options but since they had their own favored policy, hence being in real pain I ended up with paying 22K together in one short. Without knowing that they do not have any senior doctor there. All honey traps were just physiotherapist only.

I started going there every alternate day, then I realized that once you become their member, once they add in their subscription they give more importance to new appointment and show all courtesy and carefulness to them.

They show you the exercises and ask you to do it at home. They do not do follow up next day if you are doing it right way or not. They keep adding new ones but don’t give time to check if you are doing those right way or not.

One day I had some infection in my eyes so those become red. I wore black glasses and went on appointment. Receptionist and other honey traps were no issue with that but when the Phiso Vandita came to see me. She took that as an issue saying ” we can’t do treatment today as you have some infections in your eyes”. I said, then what I have worn spectacles and I won’t remove it, so it’s fine. All the other people in same city going to office like this. Students are not objected by teachers to come school if they have spectacles on.

But she took as a granted and sent me to home. It means she got reason to have free time. Then the very 1st thing which came to my mind after going out that, when it was my first appointment I was asked by receptionist if I have cold or cough. I said yes, she still said ok you still can come. We are fully vaccinated.

When I was potentially trapped for them they asked me to come with cold and cough as well now when I had already paid all charges together, I was just like an empty glass.

They made me to go home, after an alternate day I got a call from receptionist asking for next appointment. I said I am fine now and I don’t have any issue with my eyes. She herself said “you can come tomorrow at 1pm. Should I fix your appointment? I said Ok.

Next day I reached for treatment again other drama. She said “you don’t have any appointment today, your appointment is fixed for tomorrow. I was shocked when I checked my msg. In msg which they send at the time of fixing appointment. The data was for the next day. Now she had called me a day earlier asking me why come next day, but she sent msg of the day after tomorrow. Again they made excuses and asked me to go home. I become annoyed as I had to invest 100 rupees for travelling on every appointment.

When I ask them to speak with senior doctor or whoever is head there. They again chose honey trip there and send Vandita to talk with me. She was like real Honey trap, though I was in questioning mood but she did not let me go to Senior there and just put me on a machine called pain remover. Where I was left alone, no guidance, no further treatment. They just made me not to approach any senior by giving me a honey talk.

Their treatment was not worthy at all. It made my back more sensitive and started hurting even if I am sitting in any vehicle.

Never pay all money together. This is what they force for and also force to buy belt and back support. Which Vandita forced me to buy the whole 1st 4 appointments.

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