I have been shopping at the local Jewel store for 25 years – even though many newer, nicer stores have opened nearby, I have been a loyal customer.

Today (Saturday, June 2nd) I was shopping with my son. When we approached the checkout lanes we quickly noticed that the store was not equipped to handle typical Saturday shopping (as it often is not). We put the cart in a very long line (only 2 open for large orders) and I approached the service counter to get more checkers.

Finally, we were next – all of our groceries were on the counter and the man ahead of us was attempting to pay. BUT the new system was not accepting his credit card. A helper was called to help. He could not get it to work so he VERY ABRUPTLY looked at me and told me to move to Aisle 8. No apology, no offer to help me – not even an accommodation to be next in line – just “Move to Aisle 8.” I almost left everything on the counter and left! SO RUDE AND UNFRIENDLY.

Today may have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for me. Pete’s Fresh Market will open soon. I may need to find a store with manners.

By the way – our checker and the bagger on duty were very apologetic.


Char Larson

Found At: Jewel-Osco: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 15 | ComplaintsBoard

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