Jim Laabs Music

I ordered an Excalibur 37 Note Pro Artist Series Melodica from Jim Laabs Music a few months ago for $85.00.

I had previously bought another 37 Key Melodica from Amazon. There is no brand name on this melodica but the advertisement described it as a student melodica. It had one review and the customer also mentioned it was a toy. It cost me $45.00.

These melodicas are exactly the same thing except the color. I was then to find that a German company called Schoenhut® toy pianos makes this melodica as well.

This was total false advertisement! They call this a professional model Melodica. There is nothing professional about this thing. Not only did the melodica turn out to be a toy the one I paid less money for sounds better. The Melodica from Jim Laabs has no sound quality and the key action and reed response is terrible it’s practically defective. They will not take a return.

I am also discovering That Jim Laabs Music is located 1 and Excalibur Accordions are located on the same street.

Found At: Jim Laabs Music – False Advertisment

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