Jimmy John's

jimmy johns has to be the stupidest sub place to exist. First off…you get NO choices, only one type of cheese or two types of bread…barely any toppings…now here comes the fun part…if for instance, they forget to put something on your sandwich…you can’t go back in and say…hey can i have some mustard on the side? oh no…you have to TAKE your sandwich back and those ###ds have to put it ON the sandwich …its just their “POLICY”…wtf and what a joke… they dont give things ‘on the side’ no matter what…they wont even put a SLAB of mustard on the side of your wrapper…its disgustign and so weird and rude…the employees enforce these bogus bizarre rules as if its life or death…and the managers are nutjobs…besides only having
a total of FOUR toppings…wow… lettuce tomatoes onions and peppers…u cant even get the subs toasted…and if THEY make an error well u have to take your entire sandwich back and have them put the ingredient ON the sandwich—its a weird and pathetic rule and the entire restaurant and chain si just pathetic…oh yeah and the reason their subs are made so “FAST” is because there are NO toppings to put on it—and very FEW choices…of course if the only thing you can put on a sub is uhh…meat, lettuce tomatoes and mayonnaise and cheese it can be made in 30 seconds… its also overpriced and a really stupid sub chain…why its popular is surprising but its a messed up place

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