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I received a few presents for my grandmother for crocheting and things of that nature that my daughter took back to Jo-Ann Fabrics when she returned them we didn’t have a receipt and they told her that they can only refund her 50% of what the item cost in so they returned it for only half plant half of what it all costed and then we went back to use the card there was nothing on the card they check the money off of the card I need to know why they took my money off of my card and there’s nothing on the cards and in the beginning and why they only gave 50% back to us this sounds a bit Shady to me something’s going on and I need to be contacted my name is Nikki and my number is [protected] I also had a friend tell me that they do that when they think you have stolen the items which is bull crap because they cannot assume somebody stole these items and also the items did not come from that store they were sent from out-of-state how can they just decide what items they want to consider a stolen and try to take your gift card it’s insane and they owe me money they cannot just take my money I’m going to contact the Better Business Bureau next if I have to

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