Oscar Vermaak - building insurance claim

Phone number [protected]
This phone line was installed on December 10, 2018. It was not needed Maria Hodos authorized the line to be connected for fire alarm monitoring. We had a phone line which was [protected]. The new line was not needed but it was installed anyway. This was unannounced to our property management department. In October 2020, I received a Telus bill for [protected] in the amount of $573.11. Telus never emailed us an invoice from December 20, 2018, until October 20, 2020. We had no idea a new line had been installed and that we were being charged. I had contacted Trevor from Telus at [protected] in November 2020 and he did nothing. He passed me off to Priscilla Cheung at [protected] after only receiving a refund of $263.31, and not the full amount. I asked to speak to her boss for clarification because she said that she was only authorized to give the $262.31 refund. She told me that she is the boss. I didn’t know that Priscilla was the boss of Telus.

Found At: Jordan Enterprises Limited – Phone line [protected] was never needed. Telus charged us and will not give full refund

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