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Unprofessional & irresponsible

I’ve recently uploaded my bicycle up for sale on craigslist. Bob who was very interested in purchasing the item have sent me the cheque that was more than the value of the item, and have asked me to send the remainder to Chirstopher who Bob claimed was his delivery guy. I deposited the cheque and waited 4 days for the cheque to clear. Once the cheque was cleared and became available in my account, I’ve proceeded to wire-transferring the remainder of the amount to Chirstopher. The day after i’ve wire transferred the money, the initial cheque that was cleared was now returned and I had deficit balance of -$2000 in my checking account. I called Chase (my bank) to ask about what happend, and they’ve explained that the cheque was cleared early for my convenience, which i never asked for, and then was later returned since cheque was not valid. Such security measure is unacceptable. Even worse i was charged for the return fee of the cheque. I can’t understand why i would have to be responsible for the mistake that the bank made.

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