Just Fitness 4 U

Was lied to by just fitness saying they had working rowing machines. Picked it up and when I got home it was used, old, broken and believe this…rusty. The boxed was taped so much as if they were hiding it until I got home and refused to open the box to let me see while I was there. They knew what they had given me but once I had left they already had my money. The guys tried to help but obviously their boss has puppets who can’t sneeze without the ok. The sales guys said the wife of the business owner would sack them and make their lives hell if they pursued a replacement or refund on my behalf. She aggressively insulted me and took great pleasure in the fact that possession was 9/tenths of the law and she had my money and I had the heap of junk rower. Over $1, 000 dollars down the drain. She is a witch! Never again from just fitness Australia. Never again will I buy a waterrower product. Wasted my time and money and got a whole lotta grief. Shame on you just fitness Australia ! Alan K D

Found At: Just Fitness 4 U – Ripped off, abused and disrespected

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