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CFA registered himalayan breeder, Karen Stevenson sold Margaret Mae Heart, owner of Uniquedesire Cattery, four three year old cats which were never tested for PKD when she started. Three of them tested positive after I had already used them in my breeding program. Two were so difficult to handle, even after declawing the one, she would bite me. The fourth cat tested positive with leukemia which she informed me was because she had boostered it. At the same time, I lost my pregnant tortie cat and the litter. Now she blocked my number and her husband said that she is just a bobby breeder. Please have your kitten tested for PKD as well as Leukemia. Now she uses scripture to make herself look like a christian. Buyer be ware when making purchases from her cattery. The stud she used “Big Flame Red” had studded the cat she tried to sell me which was positive with PKD.

Found At: Karen Stevenson/harvest Hill Himalayans – Sold a breeder sick cats

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