Karma Group

This karma royal thing is a total fraud. We have recently became members and not able to get a booking as we were promised by the sale executive at the time of promotion.They just fool people from other clubs and convince them for membership telling all lie promises that they do not accept non members but this is a total lie.We already were members of Mahendra club and the reason we took this membership was because they told we could get a booking anytime.LIES LIES LIES.I am going to put this on all social pages that I have.They stop tourists in Goa for a one hour presentation which was actually 5-6 hours of head ache when they ultimately convince you of their faithfulness to their members and so we purchased their membership just to find out now, when we attempted a booking, that everything is booked and that there are also non-members so therefore no vacancy.Total cheat and fraud ! before wasting your one day of your holiday with their liers and bol bachan executive read this !

Found At: Karma Group – dishonest policies to members

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