United Medical Center - negligence

1. After 6 months of lease from 03-10-2012 to 08-31-2012 (I paid additional 50$/month for the short term), I was asked to sign a new lease, instead of month-to-month continuation. Otherwise, they said in their letter, dated 05/30/2012 I will be charged additional 100$/month to already paid 50$/month, which will total additional payment of 150$/month! So, I was forced to sign a new lease.
2. Upon vacating, I was charged with “Continuing liability”, even with the written notice of 16 days in advance.
3. I was charged for the carpet renewal, though when we moved in it was an old one and the manager Khalil Samad promised we won’t be responsible for it.
4. We were never given a lease agreement in Russian language, even though we asked for it to better understand the terms. When my husband was telling them about vacating, they pretend they do not understand him.
5. We had a feeling they cheated on us purposefully, as we are Russians and do not understand all the rules. We have a feeling that we are being taken advantage of.
6. Eventually, instead of giving us the security deposit back ($520), we were additionally charged for the continuing liability in the amount of $1060 + for the carpet renewal $501.60 and thus ripped us off totally of $1500.
7. When we were vacating the apartment, we left everything spick and span, but the lady from the office refused to walk-through in our presence, when i asked her to walk through and to take over the clean apartment. We did not know that we could take pictures, we did not know about that.
8. The lease agreement is written in the incoherent way, in the way like “Got you”. When they write down the following “Either party may terminate this Rental Agreement by providing the other party sixty(60) days written notice that either party desires to terminate this rental Agreement at the end of the term”, there is no indication, that this involves any “punishment” or the fee in the amount of 1061 dollars in case the party fails to make a 60 days notice! I can equally expect the management to warn me 60 days in advance that they intend not to continue my lease either. Because the clause pertains to either party! In case of the delayed payment, there is a legnthy explanation of the punishment fee of 50$ and how much every day of every day of the delay will cost the tenant thereafter. But NO EXPLANATION of any fees in case of the not in time notice! I consider this 1061$ punishment fee (the amount of which is not stipulated in my lease agreement) as a “Got you” preditory renting approach and the one, not to be paid, as it was not stipulated in the agreement in any way within the agreement. It is unfair to demand payment of the fee, which was not stipulated in the lease contract.
9. Eventhough it is a gated community the gates were never closed and the back door to the building was broken. Once we have our apartment ransacked, I complained to the manager, but the manager never came back to me with the results of the investigation.
10. We have our apartment flooded from the above floor. We complained to the manager. The measures were not taken. Now the manager blamed us for the carpet.

We (me and my husband) think they were doing this to us, because we are Russians and we do not know all the housing rules and laws. They did not give us the lease agreement in Russian language for us to better understand it as to our rights. Neither we were given a tenant’s booklet, explaining our rights. When my husband was talking to them, they pretended they did not understand him. I have to write notes to the office to communicate with them. They think that they are a BIG CORPORATION and we are just some small foreign Russians and they can do whatever they want with us. They just simply rip us off 1500$! I think it is a legalized robbery in the day light! When somebody steals that money from your pocket in the street, that somebody will go to a jail. When the big corporation is stealing the money the same way, they call it “Continuing liability”. Why should we pay for the new carpet as well? We moved in and it was old. They can not show documentation that it was replaced by the time we move in and was new.

Found At: K&D Group, Inc – non-return of the security deposit

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