My name is Beatrice Marot and I am a genuine psychic and Vedic Astrologer with 31 years of experience. From [protected], I was a five star rated psychic on

I was kicked off of the site when I became the number one psychic in the category “Voices From Beyond.” This happened because the man who I considered a friend and who held that spot for 4 years Chip Coffey got very angry about it. He rallied his “psychic group” to call me and purposely give me negative feedback. When I responded to one Keen psychic named Heather aka “The Mathematician” after she gave me a one star review and wrote I hung up on her.

I messaged her that I did not hang up on her and it must have been a Keen glitch. [protected]@playfair pulled me off the site claiming, I was not allowed to message someone for leaving a negative feedback.

Why would they kick off one of their top psychics with excellent 5 star reviews across the board? Because I only charged $1 a minute, that’s why and my feedback was filled with “Bea is the only one who got it right.” It’s called greed and sadly it is what motivates decisions on psychic sites like Keen

Please don’t waste your money on Keen.

I helped one man recently and he spent $8000 on Keen. I couldn’t believe it. It’s so sad and every psychic just told him a bunch of BS. I called it, saw exactly what was going on and I changed his life and he will never spend another dime on I made him promise. Not another dime.

And for you heart broken lovers out there… no one and I mean no one is worth wasting so much money to snoop on with a psychic. 80% of the calls that I got on Keen were about “Is he/she coming back?” You can answer that question better than anyone.

A real psychic like myself will answer that question and so much more. I change lives and focus on helping you understand who you are and why you are on this Earth and the messages I get prove that you are not alone.

Example – Client calls and before she says a word, I say, “My guides are telling me that you are like a bird with its wings tied and you need to untie those wings and fly away.”

And she says, “That is what I am painting right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am painting a three tableau painting and the first tableau is a bird with it wings tied. The second, it’s untying its wings and the third its flying away.”

That is how you know you are talking to a true Oracle and Medium. She called me because she was having an affair and she ended up starting a very very lucrative art school with my guidance and she ended up staying with her hubby.

For those of you who want a genuine reading that is spot on and 100% accurate… you are welcome to visit my Facebook page Goddess Central.

I had only five star ratings in Keen and here are a few including one from Chip Coffey himself.

Found At: Keen – Psychic scam site

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