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My house is across the street from the condos. I needed a place to do Internet work from so I went to see if there were any units for rent. I met Terry Medley and explained the situation. He showed me the unit and I agreed to a six month lease.

I paid January rent in cash to Terry prior to moving in. Terry asked me if I could help him get his website to the first page of Google. I told him that is what I used to do for a living.

• January rent was paid prior to moving in. Around the 15th I paid the $1000 deposit and February and March rent with certified Wells Fargo checks.

• When I moved in there was a boat parked in my garage spot. I told Terry and he said he would take care of it. The boat sat there for two months. I often asked him about it, but nothing was done. Finally I called the property manager and asked what she could do. The boat was gone two days later.

• In January the refrigerator was making a loud squealing noise. I told Terry. He said that he would be on the property later that week and would check it out. He did not show. I reminded him and still a no show every time.

• First week of February I received a phone call asking where February rent was. I explained to Terry that I had paid three months in advance. He said that he didn’t have the records in front of him, but he would check it out.

• First week of March the same thing happened and again in May.

• Around mid March Terry called me and said that he was coming up so that I could work on his website. I explained that I had a deadline on my project and that day was no good. He said “but I cam all the way out here”. I told him that he would need to make an appointment. From this point on he was as rude as can be to me.

• On April 1st I called to see if he would accept my company check. He said he would get back to me. I called back two days later and he said he would get back to me. May 5th he calls and says the rent is late. I told him that I was waiting on his call and I could pay him that instance. He said the check was fine and to bring it to the office because mail would take too long. I drove all the way to Gulfport. He charged me a late fee.

• On May 1st Terry called and told me that he would no longer accept my business check. I needed a bank check or cash. My bank is not in state so it took a few days for the bank check to arrive. He charged me a late fee. He also told me that there was no way that I could be a successful businessman. I mailed the cashier check along with a letter explaining the unprofessionalism that I was receiving. I did not get a response.

• On June 1st I told him that I was out of town on an emergency meeting and that I would pay the last month of the lease rent on the 8th when I returned. I said that I would pay the late fee. On June 7 he texted me asking where the rent was. I texted back saying it would be there when I get back. He replied with a string of rude text messages including one that said “we’re going to court”. This was absurd. Sour grapes from when I would not redesign his website for free.

• When I returned I called the Keller Williams team manager several times. He did not return my calls. I finally got a hold of him and asked if he read my letter. He said that he did and all he cared about is whether rent was paid. I explained that I always pay my rent and three of the six months were paid up front. He said he didn’t care he only cared about this month.

• I pulled into the parking lot around 5pm the day before court. Terry was crossing the street and we made eye contact. At 5:15 I was in the unit on the telephone when there was a knock at the door. By the time I got there the deadbolt was being unlocked and the door was opening. I grabbed the door the door, but he continued pushing. I asked what was going on. He said he was here for the rent. I told him that we were going to court tomorrow and asked if he was just going to come inside. He said he knew I was home so “Yes I was coming in.” He said he would do whatever it took to get the rent. I reminded him that we were going to court in the morning and told him to leave.

• During this fiasco I asked Terry when I would get my deposit back and asked what makes you think you will deserve it. I texted the question hoping for the same response, but only got “45 days”. At this point I had lost faith that these people would return my $1000 deposit, so I took him up on his offer to go to court.

• I stated my case in court. Judge ruled that I may apply the security deposit to the last month’s rent and pay the remaining $50 and be out by the end of the month.

• I moved my things out and cleaned the condo by the end of the month. My wife hand delivered the $50 to his office. the secretary, after going in the back office, came back and refused to sign my receipt of delivery.

• Two days later Terry Medley sent a series of text messages telling me to meet him at the condo so he can be there when I sweep the floor. Another text message demanded that I come to change the light bulbs in the kitchen. The light bulbs were burned out when I moved in. Another text wanted me to have the rug in the bedroom shampooed. This is the same rug that I asked if he was going to shampoo prior to moving in. He said no.

• I called Keller Williams headquarters in Texas and they had me contact the regional manager in Louisiana.

Terry Medley knows where I live and I fear that this harassment will never stop. I am to the point where I may have to file a police report.

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